5 August 2013

Missing my dollhouse!

My Manor is still packed away, and missing it badly!

So I try to console myself with mini flowers :)

a little quilted pillow....




A columbine plant


31 May 2013

Pansies and Hellebores

Made a few more flowers, they always cheer me up when I need it.
Here are some Hellebores a kit by Pascale Garnier.

And of course with spring some pansies made from scratch and not a kit.
I have a row of pansies at the front of the house planted and they inspired me to make these.

Thank you for visiting , hope these made you smile too!

9 April 2013

Spring is here!

Just a peak on some of the flowers I have been working on. 
Spring is here and pansies and daffodils are blooming everywhere.
Nothing like nature inspiring you to make mini flowers.
I especially wanted to make geraniums as I miss Greece and sea breezes so much!

16 February 2013

Name Revealed!

I would like to thank everybody for all your suggestions, it was too difficult for me to choose, 
so I let my girls pick the name.
OK after much deliberation by my three daughters they decided that the name should be 
Whiskers by  Indy_Poppy 
these plants are ready to travel to you!

I also decided to pick two more people , so picked the first two to comments

these Hydrangeas in the grey planter go to  Lady Jane

and the vase with the pink Hydrangeas go to Lina

please contact me with you snail mail addies :)

In the picture here are the recently upholstered chair with fabric from Susan Bembridge
and Ceramics by  Elizabeth Causeret

So from me and Whiskers
Have a wonderful weekend!

30 January 2013

My kitty needs a name!

This lovely kitty needs a name, its made by
Sarah Hendry

I would love suggestions, they can be left in the comments.

This is a new project I am working on. I am slowly unpacking my miniatures and having some fun again. However the big dolhouses are still wrapped up warmily :) in the garage.
The glass by GLASSCRAFT

Those that leave name suggestions will have a chance to win the two plants pictured here.
The winners will be announced on February 14th.
You can enter as many names as you like.
looking forward to the names,

26 September 2012

Creative competition 2012- 1st place Cliff railway and Tourist Informati...

There are so many videos on youtube on miniatures, I found this one this week, its wonderful to see more and more online as they are very few.

24 August 2012

Garden update Sneak peek! :)

Just a little tease, still a lot to do, still a few decisions to make but generally I have an idea where it is going. Mostly inspired by my mothers garden and the Greek plants you see blooming and smiling at you! In the image above you see a corner and a few plants to add colour, these are sunflowers, Imperial fritillaria, unfinished poppies and two lovely trees from Margaret from a swap we did.

And a little embroidery that started in 2002.
This year I only added the background and framed it.

more pictures

31 July 2012

Garden plans

I have been playing with making flowers again, I always love doing this. I have the huge garden for the manor that needs many flowers to fill. For various reasons this project has not progressed. One of which is that I wasnt sure if I should change the walls. They are covered with paper but I would rather I made the walls with paper clay. This however takes loads of time and with four children to look after, time is limited.  Anticipation is a great motivator though....

With little space to store plants for the manor garden, I decided to make plants that are in pots, most will be on etsy.

Some are my designs others are kits. Some of my favourite flower kits are from Pascale Garnier and Georgina Steeds, both highly recommended. In this picture you can see the Fritillaria Imperialis, which I made for the first time many years ago, It felt good to make them again :) The Hydrangeas were made with the wonderful lessons over the years from Barb Plevan, an amazing artist, she sells her flowers every now and then at etsy, lately she has many paintings which are also a testiment to her limitless talent. 

The daffodils are my design with techniques taught by Barb and the primrose is from a Pascale kit.

Daylight is photography's best friend!

UPDATE: this is the garden for the manor mentioned in this post.

PS thank you for everyone for entering the  quarter scale giveaway, last day is Sunday to enter.


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