31 May 2008

Matching wall lights

Made the wall lights with the same fabric, these were candle wall lights from Dollhouse Emporium , I just added the shade and cord to them.

30 May 2008

Handmade Lamp shade

Finished making my lamp. The lamp shade is made with fabric and trimmed with white thread that I made into a cord. The light was a plain dollhouse light that with a little DIY looks much brighter ; If you'll pardon the pun :) . The 'cup' at the top was made using white fimo. I am making two smaller ones for the back wall. All I need to find now, is a transormer for Europe that will light it.

27 May 2008

18 May 2008

New miniature flower arrangement

I did my first Ikebana in miniature, I am no expert in the art of Ikebana but did try to follow the rules in a book I read. The arrangement has two magnolias, ivy leaves, Caladium leaves and yellow Forsynthia.

and a new pansy.....

11 May 2008

Miniature Magnolia Grandiflora

I have been working on a new flower project, here is the result:

Three magnolia blooms are added to the center of the floral swag
variagated ivy accents the whole piece

A lovely site on this beautiful plant can me found here


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