29 December 2011

Caterina's flowers

Now that Caterina received the package I sent her, I can show you what was in it.
A sunflower, a primula denticulata, a primrose and daffodils.

I would also like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may 2012 bring you many joys and smiles!

11 December 2011

The winner!

I used the random generator, there were 19 comments, the winner is comment no.9

This is Caterina


The gift will be revealed soon as she receives it.
Thank you to everyone that participated and gave me so many wonderful ideas.


28 November 2011

Manor Dollhouse Update, some help too!

I need some help with ideas for the display,
 Should I put plates and cups or a collection of nick naks?
 I thought I could display things from travels or  would more traditional items be better.
This dollhouse is a modern house.
If you can leave a comment I would be happy to know what you think.
I will pick someone's comment randomly for a surprize giveaway by Dec 11th

The lillies are by the wonderful artist Barb Plevan

I also added a planter on the veranda.

 I need to make some bedding and other details for the side tables and closet.

The orchid is a swap from a yahoo group, you can read about this in this post here.
Hellie is the maker and its one of my treasures!
The trinket boxes are by my best friend Carol.
The tiny vase is by Bertie Miniatures

Update 2012: moved things around.....
Not sure but I feel this might give a better look, what do you think?

9 November 2011

Manor Dining room

As you may know things are bad in Greece, and everyday things get harder and more uncertain.
In my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing some mini thereapy, well here it is.

let have a look at what is inside......

This reminds me of the the Cricket and the Ant story, now that it is 'winter' I am using the minis I have collected in the 'summer'. The beautiful furniture are by Masters Miniatures. I bought them at the Kensignton Dollhouse Festival. Heidi and her husband are such a wonderful people. The room wasn't ready, hence the delay to display them. 
It's a bit bare at the moment, cabinet needs filling, flowers on table, plants in the room, a rug, pictures.......

With lights on

I really like the colours and the reflections of the light in this picture

a small addition in the sitting room

25 October 2011

Stripcutter for miniatures

Its been hard here in Greece, and I have not really been into my hobbies , but enough depression and worrries : time for some mini therapy :)
Here is a video that I found on youtube that is very useful for making stripwood for 1/12, 1/48 or even 1/144, hope you enjoy it....

12 April 2011

Giveaway Winners

First I want to apologize for the delay, my daughter was sick, all is well now.
So this is the surprise for three lucky followers.

The vase ( roses, daisies and poppies), primulas and a morning glory kit from pepperwood goes to Jollie a little more minis

The columbine, primulas and a Pascale kit go to Brae Otterine

and the morning glory, primulas and a kit from Georgina go to Hanna

please email me with your snail mail addys

Thank you to everyone that participated, I hope to have another one soon,
many hugs

23 March 2011


Made up this cute kit from Georgina Steeds, its a plant called Aquilegia or Columbine, The kit was easy to use and the result is very pleasing, my photography isn't always the best.

10 March 2011

Mediterranean and a Giveaway!

Here it is! After a very windy weekend and snow yesterday, I got a good day to take pictures of the house with its exterior completed.

The front door with plants I have made in the past. But dying to make some geraniums!

The chimney, can you see the similar roof of our next door neighbour in the backround?

The veranda, I plan a couple of plants to go over the pergolas.

I want to make changes on the coffee table, just not sure what yet.

I plan to make the cushion for the bench, some decor for the walls.

What do you think?

And to celebrate this completion, there is a surprise giveaway on the 10th of April.
All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment on this blog entry.
Thank you in advance to all that take the time to visit and drop a few words.

Many hugs

4 March 2011

I turned blue!

Here is a sneak preview of the house, the doors and windows were blue. So  I sanded them and briefly looked like a smurf with blue dust everywhere! Then painted them white. The look is similar to those seen in the Cyclades (see picture below), I have set a goal to have pictures of the exterior by this weekend.

27 February 2011

Exterior walls


I have been working on the exterior of the mediterranean. The changed  look of the house will resemble the Greek island houses you see on the Cyclades. White washed walls and blue window shutters.

25 February 2011

My Daughter's play :)

Yesterday my 2nd daughter , Kathryn was in the 5th grade play '' The Quest for Courage'' , the whole grade  prepared everything, Kathryn was also one of the stage managers.  The play has been written by 5th graders in the past.  My son Manoli was one of the writers then, his part in the play was  Sir Know-it-all . Kathryn was princess Clothlide.
What can I say : A very proud mum! :)


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