11 December 2010

Glass paint

I bought these beads at the KDF ( wish I got more....) The gold ones had holes that I added glass paint with a toothpick. Once dried I added the gold top.

6 December 2010

KDF miniatures

Here are few of the minis I purchased, I just love the elephant's hair-do

and of course pots for my plants :)
I will post more of what I got for the dining room soon.

Kensington Dollhouse Festival Dec 2010

Just returned from London, absolutely thrilled! I attended my first dollhouse show and I am filled with awe, inspiration and delight.  After 10 years of seeing miniatures on the screen I was able to see people's wonderful work in person. I am absolutely going to try to go again. The weather was perfect, no snow, I was a bit worried as the BBC news in Greece painted such a bad picture.

I got to meet Georgina Steeds, a wonderfully warm and friendly lady and saw her plants face to face positively gorgeous. She has a new blog you can now get her news on fairs, workshops and kits.

Anthoula was also there, both of us smiling from ear to ear, she is returning on Monday and cant wait to meet her for coffee and share our experience.

Today the kids will be at school and I will take pictures of the miniatures I was able to purchase. As I am sure everyone has had this: there were a lot more that I wanted to purchase, far too many temptetions ,lol! I was glad I had a list with various options and kept to it.

Thank you KDF organisers it was a wonderful experience!

1 December 2010

Anthoula did it again!

Anthoula spoiled me yet again , absolutely beautiful mini sweets made into earings, unfortunately my photography does not do her work justice.

Thank you Anthoula!!!

18 August 2010

Wonderful gifts from Margaret!

These beautiful minis arrived today from Margaret at http://petit-parterre.blogspot.com/  ! The Plants need planting in pots, that I will do once I return from our vacation, so my apologies for presenting them like this.
I am absolutely thrilled , thank you Margaret!

This is probably my last post until September, so see you then,

3 August 2010


Here we are..............drum roll........

*The Daffodil and Jellybean cactus both in Tim Schmidt bisque pots go to Patty from MiniBabes

* a Cinenaria in a Tim Schmidt bowl decorated by me goes to Marit at Black Cat Cottage

* two Primulas Auricula one in a Tim Schmidt bowl and one in a bowl handmade by me go to Flora at La Casa Delle Bambole Di Flora

Thank for your support and comments.

27 July 2010

New Giveaway

To celebrate today the opening of  my etsy shop and reaching 105 followers I have three items to giveaway, Three people will be chosen from the comments left in this entry, only rule you must be a follower.
So here are the three flowers I am offering :
* its a Daffodil and Jellybean cactus both in Tim Schmidt bisque pots
* a Cinenaria in a Tim Schmidt bowl decorated by me
* two Primulas Auricula one in a Tim Schmidt bowl and one in a bowl handmade by me.

The draw will be on the 3rd of Aug.
Good luck, lets have fun!
Thank for your support and comments.

13 July 2010

I am an addict!

What can I say, I am crazy about mini flowers! Its another entry about them..... I have a huge garden to fill for the Manor dollhouse, hopefully I wont bore you with the same topic. In the picture below there are iceland poppies, the ones in pots might be offered for sale at etsy. The plants in the styrofoam are for the garden and the daffodil is a gift. I am planning to make one more daffodil for a giveaway at this blog , I have almost 100 followers! Thank you to all that follow this blog. I am also in the process of developing my own plants to offer for sale, any suggestions on plants would be appreciated.

3 July 2010

The exterior of Manor finished!

After 2 years and a move I finally finished the exterior of the Manor. Still window boxes to be made and to be placed on the basement. First , I have to finish the wall papering and lighting. Keeping fingers crossed it can be lifted with care.

2 July 2010

Orange poppies in vases and a painting

I was inspired by a house decorating magazine to add orange poppie to this room. I found Berties wonderful vases at ebay, (also sells at etsy) I thought these are perfect for this room. So here are the results.

This is the whole room so far, still many things to add some to change. Books to make, a carpet, a bowl for the coffee table, more pictures and decor for the walls.......
The lillies on the left are from Barb Plevan.

This gorgeous picture is from  Amber I liked this art from my teenage years in Dublin, so when I saw it I had to have it. I must say it has surpassed my expectations, its very beautifully made , the frame is very carefully made with details, thank you Amber.

29 June 2010

Yummy cakes

These are my wonderful collection from Anthoula these have inspired me to do a sweet shop, Arent they delicious?
The platforms are from silver fimo I made them to look like the ones we get in the cake shops in Greece.
The breads and hot cross buns were a workshop Anthoula kindly gave me, we went to a GBK and after eating our yummy dessert we made these. Thank you Anthoula!

27 June 2010

Garden Planning

New plant for my garden, its an Agapanthus kit from Pascale Garnier,
 ( if you want her email , just let me know).
Its a huge garden and have to make loads of plants before I start planting.
The plants  behind are older projects that I just got out of the packing boxes.
But DH brought a newspaper and hinted a possible move, oh boy!

26 June 2010

Here are the Winners!

There were 53 entries, thank you so much! As I mentioned before , due to the many participants I decided to add two more gifts, Here are the winners of the draw.....

The Winner is Flor, Mexico

These Iceland Poppies are for Heather , USA

and this Primula plant is for Kikka, Finland

please email me your snail mails,

Hope to have another one soon...

24 June 2010

Cute Baskets!

These came in the post today, I bought them from Undancey at etsy, I couldnt resist them! They are very beautiful and ready to be filled with minis...hmmmm.....

23 June 2010

Pithoi, a little bit of mediterranean gardening.

Just finished this Bougainvillea kit from Georgina Steed (her blog here), and placed it in the Grecian pot mentioned in an earlier post. This took a while to finish as I only did a small branch at a time. Thank you Georgie for making this beautiful kit.


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