24 July 2008

Manor Dollhouse Exterior

The picture above shows the left side of the dollhouse and the life size wall in the backround. I used Just Walnut from Dulux and sand. I am very pleased with the result. The second picture is the front of the dollhouse.
I have not decided on the type of roof yet. There are the individual shingles or the fiberglass sheets.....
I also found another site where you can play around with colours and furniture settings. Both from Better Homes and Gardens.

22 July 2008

Paints and dollhouses

I decided to use dulux paints for my dollhouse. So, I went to their site to see what colours co-ordinate the stone paper already on the basement of the Manor.

At dulux I also found a fun feature that helps you visualize your project. Perfect for modern settings and mixing colours on walls, ceilings etc. My Local store also sells the little sample bottles, so you don't have to go and purchase the giant 2.5L products.

The exterior is going to be either Cornflower White or Just Walnut with accents of white for the windows and doors. I plan to add sand to the paint to make it look like the walls at our real house. I think its called pebble-dash finish.

9 July 2008

New plant

Trivia: The term "Sedum" is taken from the Latin word "sedo" meaning 'to sit'. This probably refers to their generally ground-covering nature and the way they tend 'to sit' on rocks, walls and other seemingly uninviting places. There are about 400 different species of sedum and many cultivars. They vary greatly in height, colour and flower shape, colour and season. They are very easy care tolerating poor soil and dry locations in full sun or light shade.

The real one on the left

The dollhouse miniature plant below,

6 July 2008

Inspiration from magazines

These magazines are a great inspiration for me and many times I have wanted to convert these settings into miniature scenes. When dealing with contemporary settings its hard to find miniature furniture in this style, although there are a few artisans that do. So most of these have to be made from scratch. So far, I have only made a few single items but would love to work on a whole scene. I am working on an idea for a greenhouse, that will be a sitting area.

3 July 2008

Another miniature flower

Experimented with a new flower ~ Anemonies

Anemone (A-ne-mó-ne, from the Gr. Άνεμος, wind), is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae in the north and south temperate zones.


Mythology: It is said that the goddess Flora was jealous of her husband's attentions towards the nymph Anemone and so transformed her into the wind flower and left her at the mercy of the North Wind.
Medicinal: Used for cramping pains, menstrual problems and emotional distress.
Colour: Vibrant shades of red, purple and pink, with jet black hearts ringed with white. The all-white anemone is rare, it has a yellow-green heart.

Here they are in mixed with pink sweet williams made from a Mary Kinloch kit.

The real flowers

More of my mini flowers can be see at Webshots by mkm311

Image hosted by Webshots.com


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