15 July 2007

miniature how to links

Victoria Miniland Bricks, Christmas tree, apples and more.

Whimsical Whispers Originals Mini Coat.

Mini projects Mini Hot Fudge Sundae.

Mini projects Mini projects online with great photos.

PaperminisSome free printables.

Miniature illusions. Rocking Horse Workshop.
Mishelly's Zoo Miniatures. wonderful Projects such as windchimes,jack in the box, folded shirts, slipers, bra, suitcase, jungle undies to name a few.
Jean Day Miniatures. Printables and Projects Page 1.
Jean Day Miniatures. Printables and Projects Page 2.
Angie Scarr Leeks. Leek demonstration, also orange and sweetcorn can be found at the site.

Fairy. Text and Illustrations by Sue Heaser.

victorian bird cage. Text and Illustrations by Sue Heaser.

ornamental trees. Text and Illustrations by Sue Heaser.

tiny minds. Making miniature flowers and plants from paper.

Cynthia Howe hat making tutorial  and http://www.cynthiahoweminiatures.com/tutorialindex.htm

Georgian Era Index site packed with information on the georgian era.

Alice's Projects- Gladiolus,pansies,Mission Style Bedroom Furniture,Wicker Pet Basket

Janet Granger- a free miniature sampler design to download

Mini Works- vegetables,babies bag, duck rocker, wicker basket

printable cups printable cups and plates

CWoolse Excellent quality free printable projects for 1 inch scale dollhouses, including furniture, cabinets , aquarium to name a few.

Decoupageart Decoupage art to use also has a page on teddy bears, stencils, all in italian

Victorian station everything to do with the era,decoration, fashion,literature, music.....

Anja Riemens christmas project lantern and a baby blanket

Doll house world lots of projects from past issues

kim- projects

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