3 July 2010

The exterior of Manor finished!

After 2 years and a move I finally finished the exterior of the Manor. Still window boxes to be made and to be placed on the basement. First , I have to finish the wall papering and lighting. Keeping fingers crossed it can be lifted with care.


Norma said...

I like the exterior colours and the shading very much. Good luck with the next step!

Ascension said...

Es una casa preciosa!!
Me encanta la foto en la que se ve la lampara encendida, parece una casa real, enhorabuena por el trabajo.
besitos ascension

Flora said...

How nice. I love dollhouses! You did an excellent job, I like :-)
Post some pictures also of the interior space, I'm curious :-)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

It looks wonderful! I love the quoining and the soft colours you picked. You must be so pleased :)

Meli said...

Lovely house and the exterior is perfect!!!
My congratulations again Michell!

Kikka said...

Michell! The Primula Plant arrived today. The Primula is even more cute and beautiful now than in the screen! I adore it and am so happy that I won it! Happy me!

The Manor-House looks gorgeous! The lights invite to step inside...

miniature wonderland said...

wonderful!! you've done a great job! :)


miniature wonderland said...

wonderful!! you've done a great job! :)


Flor said...

Michell!!! Ya llego mí protección de ventana y las 2 macetas ( =
¡ Están preciosaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!
Muchísimas gracias!!!
Un beso

sagrario said...

¡Enhorabuena! la casa se ve preciosa ,tiene un aire tan natural.


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