17 June 2010

I met Anthoula!

I met Anthoula yesterday for coffee and I had such a wonderful time talking with her. We decided to swap in our first meeting, and I must say I feel thoroughly spoiled. She gave me these gorgeous and yummy sweets, which I plan to make a cake shop for. The details are amazing! She was also very kind to give each of my girls super accessories, donuts, chocolates and lollypop. They have gone to school with them today, some in their hair others around their neck :)
Thank you Anthoula!!!

These are my gifts to her.


Anthoula said...

Dear Michelle, I am so glad that you liked them! And your girls! And it was great meeting you at last!
I'll say one more time that your flowers are amazing and thank you for being so generous! I will soon make a post about them!

A big kiss

Merry Jingle said...

Anthoulas minifood is fab! And I love your flowers, especially the poppies are amazingly real!


Meli said...

Michelle, Anthoula mini foods are so extraordinary!!!
Love the flowers you gave her!!
Ar you doing the Mediterranean house?? I can see the table and chairs for the porch!!
Lovely blog and minis.


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