28 May 2010

Another addition to the Manor sittingroom

Finished another kit today, its "The Timberwood" by Shoestrings.
 The two pitchers are purchases from eBay made by M.A.Hunt in New Zealand.
The sedum plant ontop is made by me in 2008.

More to be added soon......

27 May 2010

Mediterranean Decor

Inspired by this picture I decided to make a decoration for the Mediterranean house.

I took some thin wire (26) and shaped it to the pattern I designed, see below.For the 'fleur-de-lis'  I used a card to punch out the shape and glued to the wires. Then painted it black and a coating of matt varnish to simulate iron wrought.

26 May 2010

Manor House sittingroom, Which way????

I placed some furniture in the sittingroom, but cannot decide on the way to place them
Which way do you think? Photo 1 or photo 2?

And below you can see some of the glass paperweights that my friend Carol made for me!

20 May 2010

New Kit Finished

Today I finished this kit from In Some Small Way.The kit came with fabric but I decided to use my own for the Manor Sunroom.

Here it is in place, few pillows needed and its complete.

A closer look.

Two friends sitting here, one is stitching, the other is reading. Both eating chocolates and drinking coffee.

New Dollhouse and pithoi

I have been working on a new dollhouse lately, its a weekly magazine with parts of the dollhouse kit and furniture. Just past the 65th week, so started to assemble it. Here is a sneak peak :) More pictures soon....

Now this is the loveliest pot ( I fell in love with it! In Greek 'pithoi') and have a plant in mind for it, can you guess which one?
The pot stands 2 1/2 inches tall (or 6 1/2 cms if you prefer metric)
Below is a life size one


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