18 August 2010

Wonderful gifts from Margaret!

These beautiful minis arrived today from Margaret at http://petit-parterre.blogspot.com/  ! The Plants need planting in pots, that I will do once I return from our vacation, so my apologies for presenting them like this.
I am absolutely thrilled , thank you Margaret!

This is probably my last post until September, so see you then,

3 August 2010


Here we are..............drum roll........

*The Daffodil and Jellybean cactus both in Tim Schmidt bisque pots go to Patty from MiniBabes

* a Cinenaria in a Tim Schmidt bowl decorated by me goes to Marit at Black Cat Cottage

* two Primulas Auricula one in a Tim Schmidt bowl and one in a bowl handmade by me go to Flora at La Casa Delle Bambole Di Flora

Thank for your support and comments.


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