23 March 2011


Made up this cute kit from Georgina Steeds, its a plant called Aquilegia or Columbine, The kit was easy to use and the result is very pleasing, my photography isn't always the best.

10 March 2011

Mediterranean and a Giveaway!

Here it is! After a very windy weekend and snow yesterday, I got a good day to take pictures of the house with its exterior completed.

The front door with plants I have made in the past. But dying to make some geraniums!

The chimney, can you see the similar roof of our next door neighbour in the backround?

The veranda, I plan a couple of plants to go over the pergolas.

I want to make changes on the coffee table, just not sure what yet.

I plan to make the cushion for the bench, some decor for the walls.

What do you think?

And to celebrate this completion, there is a surprise giveaway on the 10th of April.
All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment on this blog entry.
Thank you in advance to all that take the time to visit and drop a few words.

Many hugs

4 March 2011

I turned blue!

Here is a sneak preview of the house, the doors and windows were blue. So  I sanded them and briefly looked like a smurf with blue dust everywhere! Then painted them white. The look is similar to those seen in the Cyclades (see picture below), I have set a goal to have pictures of the exterior by this weekend.


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