24 August 2012

Garden update Sneak peek! :)

Just a little tease, still a lot to do, still a few decisions to make but generally I have an idea where it is going. Mostly inspired by my mothers garden and the Greek plants you see blooming and smiling at you! In the image above you see a corner and a few plants to add colour, these are sunflowers, Imperial fritillaria, unfinished poppies and two lovely trees from Margaret from a swap we did.

And a little embroidery that started in 2002.
This year I only added the background and framed it.

more pictures


Giac said...

Hello Michelle,
I can't wait to see the gradne...it looks like you're off to a great start and the embroidery is just lovely. Well done,
Big hug,

Margaret said...

I am sure your garden will be delightful with all your exquisite flowers. Your embroideries are fabulous too Michelle, I like to try different projects too, that's the great thing about doing miniatures, almost anything is possible.

minwks said...

Hi, Your flowers are all things Spring! Very pretty.
Regards Janine

Hannah said...

Very nice flowers! great work.


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