28 November 2011

Manor Dollhouse Update, some help too!

I need some help with ideas for the display,
 Should I put plates and cups or a collection of nick naks?
 I thought I could display things from travels or  would more traditional items be better.
This dollhouse is a modern house.
If you can leave a comment I would be happy to know what you think.
I will pick someone's comment randomly for a surprize giveaway by Dec 11th

The lillies are by the wonderful artist Barb Plevan

I also added a planter on the veranda.

 I need to make some bedding and other details for the side tables and closet.

The orchid is a swap from a yahoo group, you can read about this in this post here.
Hellie is the maker and its one of my treasures!
The trinket boxes are by my best friend Carol.
The tiny vase is by Bertie Miniatures

Update 2012: moved things around.....
Not sure but I feel this might give a better look, what do you think?


SaMiRa73 said...

Hi there! I really like your flowers! These tulips make the room look much more a lived in room. For the display I think that whatever you put in, it should not have a dark color. So maybe the plates???
Greetings from Germany,Sandra

Rosamargarita said...

En el aparador se vería muy bien una vajilla blanca tal vez?
Un abrazo

Ana said...

Hola, yo creo que aunque tu casita sea moderna quedaría muy bien esa vitrina con los platos, un abrazo desde México Ana (mucuy) acamarah.50@gmail.com

Heather said...

This house is looking so pretty. Love the Bedroom furniture.

I think you could have a mixture of plates and dishes on a couple of shelves plus some knick knacks on some other.

Lataina said...

Your house is so beautiful! Maybe a mixture of things for your cabinet? It might be more interesting to look at instead of just the traditional china? Maybe "special" pieces. I like the idea of having a few plates and things from your travels. I think for a modern look it's usually a mixture of (stand out?) pieces that won't looked cluttered.

Maybe? =)

otterine said...

Love the flowers on the table! I like the idea of items from travels. Makes it so much more personal. :]

Susanne said...

Definately a lot of china,a large soup bowl, tablecloths, napkins,cutlery, beautiful glasses,and a few silver trays...
And what a wonderful candelier you got there!
Love, Susanne

Fabiola said...

A very beautiful house. In the display you can put the items from travel and traditional items.
The flower are fantastic. I like the bedroom and the color of the forniture. Fantastic rug.
Bye Faby

cockerina said...

this room, is very similar, the dining room of my mother! The only difference is that she has the pink marble tabletop ...
in the pantry, my mom has china plates, tea and coffee service, crystal glasses and lots of little trinkets, gifts, wedding memories, and Communion of children and grandchildren .. In short, a lot of memories ...
the chandelier is identical to that of my mother, and this is really awesome!
You want to know what my mom on the table? a vase of flowers, and beneath it a nice oval doily in tatting .... the edge of the table an ashtray and a cigarette lighter in onyx. just.
because they set the table? seems, too much clutter!
I like this room instead of a simple and neat. Just add a few paintings, a small table to serve tea, or a chair in the corner, and finally, maybe a nice carpet salmon pink, which suits the burgundy chairs.
I love the delicate lady's leg.. ;D

kisses, Caterina

Lady Jane said...

I like Caterina's ideas. Especially pictures on the walls and a rug to make the room more lived in look. Cheers. LJ

Ascension said...

Es una casa preciosa, me encanta cada una de las salas y los detalles.
besitos ascension

Steinworks said...

I agree with Caterina and I think you need a few table lamps in the bedroom and a full length mirror, the lady of the house looks a bit vain so Im sure she is going to need a very big closet for her clothes :)it's ok to overdo bedrooms In my opinion and please give her a pet

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

She does look vain, doesn't she ,lol

Patrizia said...

La casa è molto bella.....bellissima la camera da letto, molto fresca grazie ai colori pastello.....io sono amante delle teiere pertanto nel mobile qualche teiera non ci starebbe male......per non appesantirla troppo avrei messo anche dei bicchieri preziosi.
Sul tavolo, in un angolo avrei messo una composizione di fiori e al centro una bella ciotola d'argento.....nell'altro angolo 3 porta ritratti con le foto degli abitanti della casa!!!!
Complimenti il tuo blog è molto bello!!!

Rosella said...

I think that you can put traditional plates and cups.
Also a beautiful embroidered tablecloth clear and illuminating the environment.
On the walls of many paintings by impressionist painters that will brighten the room.
Thanks for this opportunity and I put your link on my blog.
kisses from Rosella

kibbygirl said...

Well... it is beautiful so far! I would probably have a wee tea set 'cause I love those! Other than that I would display some interesting china and collectibles. Maybe a painted bowl? I am sure you will have fun with it :)

Indy_Poppy said...

Hi there,
I would probably stick with traditional as all your furniture is pretty traditional. You could take some inspiration from your tulips and have a dinner service or teas set with tulips. I would also love to see some artwork (flowers again).

Rosa-kreattiva said...

ciao che meraviglia tutto questo davvero adorabile, io addobberei la tavola con tanti piatti bicchieri e tanti dolci un saluto dall'italia rosa.kreattiva

carmen said...

yo creo que falta porcelana en la vitrina, una alfombra bajo la mesa y algunos cuadros...

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Finísimo lo que has puesto, las flores son una maravilla, lo que yo pondría sería centros de encajes en la mesa y en las auxiliares del dormitorio, son mi debilidad. Tambien pondría una vitrina para todas esas piezas de la colecciónde Nak, supongo que será una maravilla, besos


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