11 February 2011

Its been a long time.....

Its been crazy with no time for hobbies, but here is an update on some of the things that have been going on. I started this week a tiled wall project, this involved taking watercolour paper to paint with acrylics in these shades Vanilla, Napoli yellow, pistachio, pale olive, sienna and powder blue. Each sheet had about 3 of these shades in various combinations. Brush strokes, sponge painting, blowing streaks of the watery version of the colours. Then each sheet was cut into 1 cm by 1 cm squares and glued to my 'wall'. Not sure if I will like the result but here is what I have done so far. I found Josje tutorial very helpful, wish me luck.

I have also been very lucky with generous internet friends. Thank you so much!

I received these from Kikka

and these from Jean


Margaret said...

Good to see you back Michelle, nice colours in your tiled wall and you have certainly been lucky with all those lovely gifts.

Lataina said...

Your tiles look very nice with the colors you have chosen. =)

BiWuBär said...

Nice to hear from you again... you received some lovely gifts and your tiles look great. You must be very, very patient! ;O)


Trish Logan Hillery said...

So delighted I found this great blog! If you can , I,d love you to check out and maybe follow or link to my brand new minis blog:


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