19 February 2011

Mediterranean Kitchen Walls

I finished the walls today, its been taking  long  to finish the project as looking after the kids and hubby take most of my time. I mentioned the way I made these in this blog entry earlier.

The flowers are from a kit from Pascale Garnier, I havent decorated it it yet or added any other items as I wanted just to show you what I have completed so far. Once I have finished the whole house I will start to add the details, most of which has been in storage for years.


Lataina said...

Michelle your kitchen is beautiful. The colors are gorgeous. =)

Flor said...

Hola Michelle!!! ( =
Hace mucho que no te saludaba , Ya estoy ansiosa de decorar la parte de la casita donde van tus hermosos regalos , que tuve la fortuna de ganar ¡y me encantan!!!
El muro de esa cocina es maravilloso, precioso , hermoso y todos los calificativos jeje Me gusta mucho como esta toda la cocina ( =
Un abrazo

Josje said...

The kitchen looks very nice Michelle! You did a good job on the tiles, I like the mediterranean colours. ~Josje~

Marie75 said...

Bravo ! It is going to be a beautiful kitchen !

Ana said...

Preciosa cocina¡¡¡la pared es perfecta.Enhorabuena por tu magnifico trabajo

by Sonya said...

Grat result! I love the colors that you have used!
Best Compliments!

Meli said...

Michelle it looks so pretty!!
You are doing a great work and the changes from the original are incredible!!!

Jollie said...

Hi Michelle,

Wow! It is looking great, you did wonderful work on the kitchen :)


Kikka said...

Hello Michelle!
Your kitchen is soo Beautiful! Love the colours! they are so soft and charming!

Vanilda said...

Obrigada pela visita!

cockerina said...

very beautiful tiles! a long and tiring, but worth it!
kisses, Caterina

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Michelle, I am a new follower of your lovely blog, and I love your mediterrean house, and I did make one just like yours , it is the same house exactly. I built it to a friend of mine.
Hugs from Portugal


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